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Zain Own A Business Is Redrawing Lives Of Sierra Leone Subscribers

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For Ramatu Kanu, a wedded woman having a career as a professional nurse at the Holy Spirit modern hospital in Sierra Leone northern capital, Makeni. Nursing was a destiny in which she rested all her hope for the future of her family. She reckons that to be a nurse in this part of the world is not an easy thing but she was still carrying with her work to the community until sometime in October when she received a call that has now come to change her life.

It was a Saturday afternoon and for the hectic duties of a full time nurse struggling to survive the hardship and struggles to meet everyday societal needs and challenges of herself and her family, a call from an unknown male voiced personality asking her name and venue was not the most she was ready to accommodate. However, Ramatu said that she reluctantly gave in and answer the query of the unidentified caller who later revealed to Ramatu that he had good news for her – “You have won the shop for the eastern province in the Zain Own. A. Business. Promotion,” said the voice.

An hesitant Ramatu wasted no time in rushing to the Zain eastern province office where it was confirmed to her that her Saturday bolt from the blue was real and that she will soon own her own shop.

Immediately Ramatu started to plan for something which could change her life, she reckons that she made up her mind to divert all her energy to her business when she realised the opportunity offered by the shop was potentially too massive to trust into the hands of others. “I couldn’t allow such an opportunity to pass by when I see more than Le 20 million worth of goods plus Le 5 million in added business capital at stake, I said to myself this could be the right moment to realise my dreams and a man’s best servant is himself,” said an excited Ramatu.

It was a painstakingly tough decision for her, but at the end of it all she looks very happy today owning her own shop merchandising provision and household goods – she has already been thrown into the everyday dynamics of business learning how to adapt by talking to experienced business people and bankers in Makeni.

“I know everyone is looking and saying I doubt whether I will succeed in a trade I know little about, but I’m determined to succeed in a new enterprise that has forced me to abandon my long term profession,” she noted.

It can be recalled that the Minister of Trade and Industry, Alimamy B Koroma last year launched the then Zain Own. A. Business. Promotion at the Victoria Park in Freetown. The Minister said then that such a promotion was very important for Sierra Leone and will surely produce some positive business prospect for Sierra Leonean who will want to pursue business but might not have the opportunity to do so. I am still observing and will happily blog on any success story.

Written by Muctaru Wurie

June 27, 2010 at 8:15 pm

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